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The kindnesses of the birthday wishes which I received on the 24th are much more appreciated than might be immediately obvious.

I want to briefly express my gratitude.

Facebook was an afterthought to promote an unlikely second career as a professional playwright and poet, which I have always half dreamed about but never had the courage to expressed to others.

When I started on this new career I fully recognized that the biggest problem I had was I had little or no credibility in this my new profession.

I had wonderful friends from high school and college but they were scattered across sixty years and several continents and I had wonderful friends from my prior career. I also had the invaluable friends I had made from the Baltimore theater community as a board member and amateur Playwright.

My Tuesday 3:00 pm (ET) Facebook posts and a webpage, created by new friends, developed into a blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Over the last five years I have been able to gather with my old friends and meet new friends in this new world which I would never have met but for these platforms.

Slowly over the last five years the unexpected has happened. I have received support and welcome criticism and the credibility I had hoped for because of the friends I have made or remade here.

I am very fortunate, because of you, to be happily living that dream I was previously too shy to express.

Thank You!