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As our staged reading of The Grace of God & The Man Machine gets ready for its performance we are getting more inquiries about the cost of admission.

It’s FREE!

We are actively courting the artistic directors of professional theaters in the Washington/Baltimore area and suburbs to find a home for The Grace of God & The Man Machine, and have invited them to come see the play at a staged reading, Monday, June 12 at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Studio Theatre in the Financial District of Baltimore.

Director Stephen Eich will take over the theater the morning on June 12th. He and Casting Director Barbara Pinolini have hand-picked some of the finest actors in the Washington/Baltimore area (more on them next week). Many of these actors will likely be meeting for the first time, coming together to create two families and a history of love and conflict from eight very complex, often humorous characters.

A little after noon, they will take a lunch break, then continue to rehearse the play until 5:30 or so to break for dinner.

Come watch this happen. It’s a highly emotional play with great humor and the actors are exhilarating. Come early before 7:00 pm. The cash bar will be open. Stay afterward for the talkback with Steve, Barbara, the actors, and myself. Feel the play. Be part of theater working. All for free.

Chesapeake Shakespeare Studio Theatre
206 E. Redwood St.
Baltimore, MD 20212 (map).

Parking one block away at:
Arrow Parking, 204 E. Lombard St., Baltimore, MD (map).

Doors open at 6:15, performance begins at 7:00.